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A Magical Musical Maelstrom of Modest Magnificence

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"Moment of Truth" - Live @ The Great American Music Hall, San Francisco

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JAMeeSHKA is a San Francisco Bay Area based live music anomaly, weaving an eclectic blend of heart-stirring harmonies, outlandish vocal play, and creative instrumentation into multi-layered compositions and extensive theatrical improvisation. Every JAMeeSHKA show pulses with raw vocal power, positivity, and poetry on a number of subjects ranging from love, desire, and loss to invocations of personal power, devotion, and magic—but more than anything, they're a call to unity. Co-creators, James Caran and Ishka Lha, delight in producing site-specific art and music journeys for private and public events, frequently causing audiences to erupt with fervid laughter, cry with introspective reverence, and dance in ecstatic wonderment.

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"Mystic" - Live @ The Great American Music Hall, San Francisco

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JAMeeSHKA Journeys is the wilder more theatrical side of JAMeeSHKA, weaving extensive improvisation and audience interaction into the mix.

"Water Phoenix" - Live @ The Great American Music Hall, San Francisco


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